Reliable machinery is at the heart of all window production. When you have issues with a machine, it can have a massive knock-on effect on the entire manufacturing process, affecting throughput, lead times and profit. 

Machinery is one of the biggest investments you will continually make as a company. Not only do you need the correct advice and customer service, but the confidence that the installation is managed professionally, your people are trained properly and that the combination of the two will ensure equipment performance as it is designed to.

As one of the UK’s leading partners for Schtec and  U-R-B-A-N machinery, our highly experienced team of engineers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to install and maintain the machinery we represent and beyond. We provide the support, advice, and service to give you peace of mind that every detail has been taken care of.

Not only is every machine installed with precision, but KallKwik engineers can also provide regular service interventions and planned maintenance schedules to make sure your equipment is kept in top condition and operating to the highest standards.

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